The Front Lens Exchange Procedure

The pre-assembled IOL system is implanted in the eye in place of the removed natural lens.

If the patient is satisfied with the visual outcomes, no additional manipulation is required. The procedure is comparable to a standard IOL implantation.

If the patient is dissatisfied with this vision, the front lens can be exchanged. The front lens is separated from the base lens and removed through the surgical incision.

The base lens remains in the eye and is the only part of the assembly that is permanently in contact with the eye capsule. Thus, removing the front lens does not disturb the capsule or zonules. The base lens serves as a "docking station" for the enhancement procedure.

A new front lens is folded and implanted in the eye, still through the original incision. The power of this enhancement lens is calculated using a dedicated calculator.

The front lens is assembled into the base lens bridges. Both lenses now complete the adjusted optical correction.

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Last update: 1-July-2019