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Peer-reviewed paper about PreciSight® rotational stability published!

PreciSight® was presented at

"La Tribune", a French daily journal!

IVO received a grant to launch its AVIA project!

The Multicomponent IOL System 

All eyes exhibit an age-related decline in performance where your vision becomes less clear.

Some age-related eye changes, such as cataract and presbyopia (difficulty seeing to read)...


Unhappy patients are a major concern for every cataract surgeon especially if a premium lens was implanted. InfiniteVision Optics manufactures and distributes premium intraocular lenses with the goal to achieve the best possible vision in patients after cataract surgery...



IVO’s Purpose


IVO is a commercial stage medical device company leveraging its proprietary adjustable lens technology platform. We execute a clear strategy to increase our product portfolio and geographic coverage to provide surgeons...


The IVO Technology

InfiniteVision Optics (IVO) developed an innovative premium intraocular lens (IOL) system.

The lens system has two optical elements which are pre-assembled prior to be placed in the eye.

In case of either postoperative refractive adjustments or patient dissatisfaction with the visual outcomes the upper optic, called the front lens, can be easily exchanged by a minimally invasive surgery avoiding a total IOL explantation.

"In the future, the ability to adjust refractive power will be an essential, competitive feature of premium IOL’s. The Precisight multicomponent IOL has proven to be very safe and easy to use especially because it is inserted like a conventional IOL. The results of Precisight enhancement surgery have been very impressive. I believe it will rapidly gain market acceptance and become a great success"

Harvey Siy Uy, MD, June 2018

Implantation as well as exchange was so easy! This technology has a great potential.

Pr. Burkhard Dick, MD, LinkedIn, August 2018

"No more issues to fix refractive difficulties! We implant what seems right, we correct secondarily without any risk for the patient's eye if the desired refraction is not reached. True safety for refractive surgery! And for our patients!"

Pr. Carole Burillon, MD, LinkedIn, November 2018


A Solution for Each Patient Profile

The IVO technology was developed to provide an individualized adjustable optical lens system, without changing the workflow in the operating room.


for post-refractive surgery cataract patients


Exchange Lens Calculators




Premium Monofocal



Premium Lasik



Access Restriction on Premium Calculators - Only for Registered Users


The IVO Team



IVO was incorporated in 2010 as Simplified Joint-Stock Company (SAS) in France.

IVO develops, produces and commercializes innovative intraocular lens systems

designed by the US ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Theodore Werblin.

The company retains a lean, adaptable structure, working with service providers and consultants

managed by a team of experienced business-founders.

July 2018

PreciSight® is implanted for the first time in Europe 

December 2017

PreciSight® receives the CE-mark and is now commercially available in Europe

February 2017

InfiniteVision Optics receives the ISO 13485: 2016 certification for its Quality Management System 

June 2016

The A-constant clinical study started in The Philippines. PreciSight® was successfully implanted in more than 100 patients so far! 


Press Releases

19 November 2018

Three American Ophthalmologists Join IVO’s Medical Advisory Board

5 September 2018

IVO receives 350'000€

to develop

a personalized IOL

12 July 2018

IVO starts a crowdfunding campaign to finance market launch



A new peer-reviewed paper about the PreciSight® rotational stability was published in the Clinical Ophthalmology. 

26 September 2019

IVO was invited to present

 PreciSight® at "La Tribune",

a French daily journal:

Carsten Laue and Pr. Carole Burillon are the guests of "Paroles d'Experts".

14 May 2019

The first PreciSight® enhancement 13 months after cataract surgery was performed with success.

8 February 2019



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